Weekend Update!

Hello blog world! It has been another wonderful weekend… filled with the Chester Whisky festival on Saturday with hanging around the house today.  We had our clocks go back 1 hour so Neal and I are getting used to the darker night tonight, fall is officially here.

  1. The choices at the Chester Whisky festival was so overwhelming for a new whisky drinker like myself.
  2. In addition to the festival, Neal bought us tickets to a Master Tasting Class with Tomatin whiskey.  There was sampled 12, 15,18, 21, 30 and 40 yr whiskys.  The presenter, Allistar had been in the industry for years and he knew so much.  We sat next to two whisky bloggers! (perfect, I know..right?) They were able to walk this novice through tasting tips and tricks.  To view their blog, simply go to: http://www.livingroomwhisky.com/.
  3. One of our favorites from the day.  A distillery that boosts a 100% organic whisky, that after only five years in the cask it has a beautiful taste. (That’s all I can say about that…)
  4. An afternoon snack of camembert cheese.  Yes please…
  5. My cappuccino for the weekend, courtesy of Cafe Nero.
  6. I made homemade doggies snacks for Freddy! So simple with just four ingredients   For the recipes that I used, go here.
  7. I stumbled upon this Princess Piggy Bank with the Union Jack on the side.  I couldn’t resist bringing it home.
  8. The BIGGEST highlight of my weekend: WE BOOKED OUR FLIGHT TO THE STATES!! Neal, through creative maneuvering  was able to book our flights to the States (specifically to Seattle) by using miles.  The flights were becoming more and more expensive, and I was afraid that the trip wouldn’t be in the work out.  Neal moved heaven and earth to make the trip happen.  Simply put, he is the best. I have been here in the UK since June 10 and I can’t wait to be in the good old USA.  (Even if it is only for a two weeks…)

So, how was your weekend? Anything fun or exciting?

And tonight is Downton Abbey night! Woo-hoo, perfect ending to the weekend…



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My name is Belinda, and I am an American expat blogging about love, life and positivity from North Wales. I believe in gratitude, big cups of coffee and looking at the world with rose colored glasses. I do hope you will stay around for a bit and make yourself at home.

  • http://annalizbeth.blogspot.com liz

    a whiskey festival? my husband would be in heaven! so fun!


  • Belinda

    Hi Liz!

    The tickets to the festival were a birthday gift from Neal. I am the whisky drinker in our house. I was so overwhelmed by all the choices, none of which (expect for the American Buffalo Trace) I had heard of.

    I love your pics of the sunflowers. Too fun!



  • http://followtheruels.blogspot.com Lindsey

    A Whiskey festival? Oh my goodness, my fiance would be in heaven! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Where in the States are you going?


    • Belinda

      Hi Lindsey!

      The festival was an awesome time, I am glad we took the bus home. 😉

      I forgot to mention in the post we are heading home to Seattle… I have been abroad since June 10. Can’t wait to see America again, even if it is only for two weeks.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog…



  • http://makingroomwithus.blogspot.com Becca :: Making Room in Sicily

    Wow, I’m so glad to have found another expat blog! I know what you mean about being excited to return to the States. I just got back to Italy after a month at home in Virginia. Sweet, sweet days.


    • Belinda

      Hi Becca!

      I am so happy to hear from another American expat! I love reading fellow expat bloggers and learning from experience. I will be following along your blog… I took a quick peek and it is darling. Can’t wait to dive in.



  • http://www.lifeaccordingtosteph.com SMD @ Life According to Steph

    Thanks for the link to the dog treat recipe, I pinned it and might even make it today. One could go broke buying dog treats that are healthy!

    • Belinda

      Hi Stephanie!

      The dog treat were so simple and yes, cheap! I mine a bit thicker, so I got about 20 rather than the original post of the recipe…

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.



  • http://www.amyrenepowell.blogspot.com Amy

    a whiskey festival sounds amazing! I’m a bourbon girl & would fit right in there!

    have a great day!

    • Belinda


      Thanks for your comment! We had such a fun time…. a bit overwhelming, but fun. I will have to swing by your blog soon to shout hello.



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