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Real Life Moments Worthy of a Romantic Comedy Movie

Yesterday, I shared in a post the things that no one told me about living with a dude.  {And in dude I am referencing my husband of just one year Neal.}  I realized after looking at the post, I have a whole other side of being room mates with a guy for the first time: What I was happy to find was true.  Ladies,  have all watched a million romantic comedies which has help give us the idea of what living with a guy/dude/husband  should look like.

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Well, after 1 year of co-habitation I have learned some odd habits but I have also found these wonderful moments to be true too:

Guys Can Fix Anything:  From BBQ’s to installing a new oven, Neal is my #1 handyman.  Hell, he has even built custom shelves in our dining and living room.  And even if he doesn’t know how to fix it or build it, he is one resourceful dude and will figure out how. {Score!}

Bakes You Birthday Cake: On my birthday Neal cracked into my American food supply and made me my personal fave: Funfetti Cake with pink sprinkles.  After which was followed by with wine and a Sex & the City marathon.  Any guy who makes me birthday cake {even from a box} is right from a scene of a RomCom.


Mad DJ Skills: On the Weekend, I make breakfast for the two of us while Neal plays DJ.  This will typically include Wicked, Glee or Mumford and Sons.  I get into a fun dancing mood, spatula and all…and pretty soon Neal is dancing too.  {Yeah, this really happens.  I know it is a little too sweet, sorry/not sorry.} Neal is, without a doubt, my lifelong dance partner and we boogie down on Saturday mornings while making eggs and toast.

Real Life Game Night: We are competitive to a fault, which can lead in a bit of friendly arguing and banter.  And you know what? I love it.   We make playing Monopoly like a sport.   We are fierce with Just Dance on the Wii.  Yup, we are those people and it’s great.

Eats My Burnt {and Sometimes} Shitty Food: You know in the Romantic Comedy when the girl comes out of the kitchen and there is smoke all around her? That happens to me, all the time. No really, it does.  Between adjusting the temperature settings from F to C and then cups to grams/ounces, there is a good chance I will screw something up.  But does he complain?  Not one word. He grins and bears it, tolerates my cooking and even compliments it sometimes.  {Bless his heart.}

I could go on and on, but you get the point.  For all the weird quirks and habits of living with a dude these real life romantic comedy moments make it wonderful times a million.  To say that I am “lucky” is a massive understatement and I tell him that all the time!

What about you?  Do you have any real-life Romantic Comedy movie moments that you would like to share?



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  • FoundLove_Blog

    What a story! And what a sweet and loving guy! I think it’s moments like those are really romantic. They show his true heart and how much love is there. Anyone can do flowers and candy, but it takes an amazingly wonderful guy to run out to a pharmacy in the middle of the night!

  • This made me tear up! I’m so happy Neal is so good to you and your relationship seems so sweet and silly. Love it!!

    • FoundLove_Blog

      That is the perfect way to describe it: sweet and silly. 100% us. =)

  • Mallory

    Aww, this post is so cute! I’m glad you two are super happy 🙂 In answer to your question, the first thing that pops into my mind that’s like a romantic comedy is our clumsiness. We’re always accidentally running into each other. The one that stands out the most was when we were in our apartment walking out of the room and he was behind me and was trying to kiss the back of my head. He tripped and ended up headed butting the back of my head. It kinda hurt but we ended up laughing at the how clumsy and funny the situation was!

    • FoundLove_Blog

      Oh I love that story!! It’s great to be able find someone who gets your little quirks, and being a klutz (myself included) is one of those. Happy weekend to you!

  • This is adorable! I love hearing about happy couples because it makes my heart happy. I totally get you on the cooking thing though. I sorta mentioned it in my blog post today, but I can cook. But the problem is that we have all these ‘american’ cook books and then all these measuring cups in grams and oz. and then the oven never seems to cook things evenly. Some how my husband always prepares amazing foods. Gotta love the men in our life. 🙂

    • FoundLove_Blog

      Hi Bonnie!

      Thanks for your sweet comment! Sometimes you have to take a step back and see how great it all is… and appreciate it like hell!

      I haven’t gotten the hang of cooking food here all that well. I have so many American cookbooks too that I am always having to change something: temperature, measurement or ingredient. I will get it one day!

  • I am such a board game nerd, it’s basically one of my favorite things! I don’t know how this happened, but somehow my boyfriend (now husband) started cleaning the kitty litter when we moved in together… and it’s my cat!

    • FoundLove_Blog

      Bless his heart! A man who will clean up after his wife’s cat kitty litter is an all-star in my book! What a sweetheart! =)