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Hello Life is Good Linkup! {Wrapping up Month of May}

Well hello my little love kittens and welcome to the very first ever Life is Good linkup.  I am beyond thrilled to have you here, sharing a bit of joy and happiness from last month. Before I share a few of my musings, I want to share with you my heart’s intention of hosting this monthly linkup.

I believe that many times, we are waiting for the big life moments to come along like a milestone like vacations, weddings, graduations, new passport stamps or arrival of new babies.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a big celebration like the next person, but what happens between the big moments? Well, in my humble opinion: the glorious everyday wonders of life.

Everyday moments are actually at the core of our marriage. When we were in a long distance relationship, all we wanted was the normal everyday moments like grocery shopping or doing dishes or making dinner.  Now that I have the rest of my “everdays” with Neal, I simply cherish each and every one of them. {It’s funny, both Neal and I mentioned our inside joke of loving the everyday in our anniversary cards to one another.}  For us, we look for moments of the “good life” at any chance we can.

In my humble opinion, a good life moment that had nothing to do with the amount of money in my bank account, or if my jeans don’t fit anymore,  or if my face is showing my age.  Instead,  a good life moment is when I am sighing with happiness and not out of frustration.  When I found myself counting little moments, rather than waiting for a big moment of joy, they began appearing everywhere…and that is simply amazing.

And let’s be honest, there is so much sadness and hate in the world that sometimes it important to focus on the good moments {no matter how big or small} to increase positive juju and joy. That’s the hope with this linkup: to focus on the positive and create more good juju among bloggers.


With that, here are a few of my “Life is Good” moments from May:

+Early morning wake up calls with bright bright sunshine.

+ Having my own mini dance parties at any chance I get.

+Diving back into Mad Men from season 1. {So good!}

+ Having BBQ dinner on the patio while chatting with my dear Neal.

 + Trees with big wonderful leafy branches.

+ Starting our third year of marriage by celebrating our everydays.

Cupcakes with Newlyweds: 

2014-05-02 10.36.03

I can hardly believe that we were in America at the beginning of May! {What!?!} We started May by strolling through downtown Seattle with Becca & Claire (the lovely newlyweds).  And what’s better than a cupcake near Pike Place? Perfection.  We then headed to have lunch with a perfect view of the water and ferries, where I had yummy clam chowder.  To make the afternoon even better? We were introduced to the game “Heads Up”, which has made me laugh ever since.

Magic Country Stroll:

2014-05-24 21.13.44

A few weeks ago, we headed to a local country park just a mere five minutes away.  The fields were filled with sheep, the meadow was moving in the breeze and the stream was perfect for Freddy to play in. Simply put, I was surrounded in sheer simplicty and beauty in just a few minutes.  So wonderfully lucky.

Cocktails with Coworkers:

2014-05-16 17.25.04-1

The longer I spend in my new job, the happier and more fulfilled I feel.  I expected that professionally, but not personally.  My new co-workers are funny and outgoing, and a laugh to be around… That cocktails after work is a fun endeavor rather than a chore.

Whew. My heart fills pretty full right now. For June, I plan on carrying a notebook where I will jot down my notes, musing and observations for next month’s linkup.

I do love sharing these little thoughts with you all, and I am excited to read yours!

Found Love. Now What?

Here’s how it works:

1. Share a new post reflecting on your month of May, highlighting everday life is good moments {big or small} that made your heart flutter.

2. Grab the button {if you’d like}, but please link back to this post to help others connect!

3.  Hop around, read other blogger’s stories and connect! If there is a story that inspires you, then comment or share it on social media!

4. Linkup goes live on the 1st of every month.



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  • I love this! So positive about the little things 🙂

    • Ah, thank you! I loved going through the month and writing fave moments that brought me joy.. no matter how big or small. Have a wonderful week!

  • THANK you for encouraging me to remember that life IS good! I really needed to write today’s post and I don’t think it would have been as positive without this link-up. YOU have the best and most contagious juju 🙂

    • Betsy— I am literally blushing over here. Your sweet words have kick started my Monday morning in a good way. Have a wonderful week!

  • What a great month you’ve had! And a great idea for a link up, remembering the good and focusing more on that is ALWAYS a good thing, so well done for reminding us all of that! xxx

    • Ah, thanks for saying that! Remembering and focusing on the good makes my heart happy … and I am so happy others are joining in! Enjoy your week!

  • Your month sounds wonderful + such a great idea for a link-up! It’s easy to do a ranty post (hey, I get it, bloggers need to vent) but it’s much better to inspire positivity like you have 🙂 So happy June to you! Unfortunately I’ve managed to mangle both #5 & #6 in the link-up (I don’t think inlinkz likes me….), not sure how best to sort it out.

    • So glad you could join up! I am excited to read your post (saving it for my lunch break!). Happy June to you as well! 🙂

  • Rachael

    I love this! I will be linking up later this week— hope that’s okay!

    • Of course!! I am so happy to have you join in…. I’ll keep my eye on the links for when yours is posted. 🙂 Happy June!

  • Such a fun link up! I love the focus on positivity. Sounds like you had a great month!

  • love the idea behind this linkup! and that drink looks so tasty 😉

    • Oh, the first Mojito of the summer is always super tasty! 🙂 Feel free to join in for the linkup! It’s open for another 1 1/2 weeks. 🙂 Happy Monday!

  • Merlinda Little

    Hi. Wow I am from Philippines and moved here in the UK to be with my husband too. I love this linky. I linked up and will try to comment to as much entry as I can =)

  • Hi there! Visiting your blog for the first time via Lot 48 – I just love the positivity vibes across the blogosphere from these ‘good juju’ link-ups 🙂 Makes for much happier thoughts all around. It’s great to ‘meet’ another expat as well! Originally from NY, living in & around London now for 6 years. Happy June ahead! Here’s to many, many things on your next ‘Life is Good’ list 🙂

  • I love that your love appreciates the little things – if you’re waiting around for the big ones, all the real enjoyment passes you by! Your life seems beautiful!

    belle + compass

  • Nikki

    Agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment!