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Creating British Christmas Traditions of Our Own

Erddig Glow Wrexham

Hi friends! I have to say, thank you for the sweet comments from my expat musings at Christmas post last week. Your comments and sweet words really gave me the boost I needed to appreciate the moment and get out of an expat funk. And as many of mentioned, having a video call with the family is typically a good way to solve some homesick blues. As a bit of an update, on Saturday night, I was able to Facetime with the family while they opened Christmas present which was actually a pretty fun moment!

And even though I was feeling out of sorts during Christmas, I have to admit Neal and I had some fun enjoying the festive season over the month of December. From markets to events at National Trust homes, these festivities were truly British and I feel I have to share them all with you.

Erddig Glow

This year, the National Trust property Erddig hosted an evening event with bright colored uplights throughout the grounds plus a light display on the house itself. We bundled up, brought mulled win and strolled around the grounds saying “Oh” and “Ah” over the simply beautiful lights. Even in the cold, it was well worth it!

Manchester, Wrexham & Chester Christmas Markets

Okay, I will admit it. I love Christmas markets. There is nothing better than strolling through the stalls, sipping on mulled wine in the middle of the afternoon and finding festive treats. Over December, we made appearances at three: Wrexham, Chester and Manchester. With Manchester market being by far the largest, as it seemed to take over all of city center! We made the Manchester market a full day out, complete with a train ride and booking a day off work.

1912 Christmas

Erddig County House Christmas Decor

This Christmas event was again hosted at the lovely Erddig home, but this time inside the house. The main parlor and dining room were both decorated true to the period of 1912, including lighting the candle chandelier. My history and Downton Abbey heart was swooning over this beautiful Christmas display. With the table set for Christmas Even dinner, I wanted to pull up a chair and make myself at home.

Christmas Eve Dinner in an Authentic British Pub

For Christmas Eve, since it was just the two of us (and I was too lazy to cook) we decided to head into town for dinner at a local pub. With a festive menu, Christmas crackers and live music it was a fun evening out. We switched off the phones, played trivia, sang along to the songs and had one too many drinks. I was reminded how much I simply love being in Neal’s company.

The rest of the Christmas holiday was mellow and quiet, with plenty of puppy snuggles and being cozy on the couch.


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, with plenty of memories and new traditions made! Now onto reflecting on 2014 and gearing up for 2015!


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  • Oooh, so many beautiful Christmas markets! And your Christmas Eve/Day itinerary sounded absolutely delightful. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a British Christmas than at a pub with ale, live music, and good food! Embracing the traditions of your new home is sure to help expat funks go right back to where they came from. Happy holidays!

  • Bring on a wonderful 2015 to match your fab 2014 Christmas!

  • So lovely! You look so delighted and happy! Plus, that lipstick looks so good on you! Have a great 2015!

  • It really is a wonderful thing to make your own traditions when away from family. Nick and I have many that we’ve created over the past so many years and they have become things I treasure!

  • I’m happy to hear that even with your mixed feelings during the month you still managed to celebrate and make your own new traditions. Some of them sound so neat! I hope they become things you can look forward to every year.