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Geeking Out at the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Judge if you’d like, but I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve read all of the books (more than once) and seen the movies at midnight showings. I’ve won trivia games along with challenging friends on favorite professor or characters. Yup, I’m that girl. So imagine my delight to be able to visit the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio tours in Watford, right outside of London.


Now this is the tour of the actual sound stage where the Harry Potter films were filmed. This means the real props, costumes, sets and visual effects from the movies are actually on display rather than a reproduction. This is the real thing. The tour self guided split across two different studios with exterior sets at the halfway point.

After watching a welcome video, you begin the tour by entering the Great Hall, through the famous doors. The Great Hall features costumes from each house along with costumes for the professors.
Harry Potter Studio Tour_GreatHall.jpg Harry Potter Studio Tour_GreatHall2..jpg

From the Great Hall, you are thrown into the studio filled with sets of Dumbledore’s office, the Burrow, Griffendor common area and more. It was incredible to see the level of detail within the sets, props and costumes. It was pretty amazing.

Set of the Burrow_Harry Potter Tour.jpg

The Burrow set

Potions_Set of Harry Potter Studio.jpg

Cauldrons and potions are part of the tour!

Props of Harry Potter.jpg

Just a few of the countless props from the movie.

Dumbledores Office_Harry Potter Tour.jpg

Dumbledore’s Office

Gryffindor Common Room_Harry Potter Tour.jpg

The memorable Gryffindor common room

From that point, there is a cafe with refreshments avaliable for purchase with only one that I wanted to try: Butterbeer. Guys, this drink was deliciouus and I simply can’t explain it! It was like a fizzy
butterscotch soda with whipped cream. It was magical. {Pun intended}.
Harry Potter Butterbeer.jpg

After the refreshing glass of Butterbeer, it was time to see the actual set of Diagon Alley! With cobbled stones and intricate details in the shop windows, I was simply swooning. It was amazing the sheer level of details that was invested to create the set from the ground up.
Diagon Alley_Studio Tour1.jpg Diagon Alley_Studio Tour2.jpg Diagon Alley_Studio Tour3.jpg Details of Diagon Alley_Studio Tour4.jpg

There was plenty more to see, but I don’t want to spoil all of the surprises for anyone out there who may be visiting soon! If you are a Harry Potter fan, I would recommend adding this to your bucket list for your next visit to London. The tour was well organized and felt like a truly special visit. Check out the Harry Potter Studio tour for more details.

Harry Potter Studio Tour.jpg Hogwarts at Harry Potter Studio Tour.jpg

Have you ever been on the Harry Potter Studio tour? What was your favorite part? Tell me, who is your favorite character {besides Harry, Ron and Hermonie?}


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  • I’ll be on that same tour in three weeks. I’m so looking forward to it. My husband and I are going to watch all of the Harry Potter DVDs before we leave for Britain. Just watched the Sorcerer’s Stone yesterday.

    • Oh that is a great idea! Rewatching the films will help you to soak in the experience and all of the details. Now I am hankering for my own Harry Potter marathon! 😉 Enjoy your tour!

  • It’s so hard to choose a favourite! I loved Dumbledores office and of course, the butterbeer!!

    • I loved Dumbeldore’s office! I loved spotting the Sorting Hat! And the Butterbeer was so good!

  • I want to go on that tour so bad! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan as well. I love Neville!

    • Oh, what’s not to love about Neville? Brave and loyal from the very beginning! The tour is beyond ideal for any true Harry Potter fan!

  • I went on Friday and almost died – my favourite part was when you sit in that little ‘cinema’ in the beginning and then when the screen pulls up…you know what is behind it – I was beside myself!!! You know what I mean right? 🙂

    • YES! I almost died too, I loved that part.. such a fantastic part of the tour. It made me giddy!

  • I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd and while there are other places I want to travel – the theme park and the Harry Potter studios are in the top 5. Just going through all your pictures and stories on it got me so excited. Maybe I need to go curb my enthusiasm and watch a few of the movies on this Sunday while I work!

    • I hope that you got the chance to snuggle up over the weekend to watch a few movies. The tour is such an amazing experience with so many twists and turns, and plenty of surprises! I hope you get the chance to visit soon!

  • I am geeking out just looking at the pictures! I want to take a trip back to London just so I can go to the Harry Potter studios!

    • Make sure to add it to your list for your next trip to London. It’s perfect for us Harry Potter geeks! 😉

  • Visiting the studios was the best! Of course my camera died on the train ride over so I had to rely on friends for pictures. Need to go back so I can take my own pictures! Glad you had a great time!

    • We had such a blast! That’s pretty unlucky for your camera to die on the train ride there. Now just have an excuse to return, and make it back to capture photos on your own!

  • Ah! I had pretty much the same reaction when I sampled butterbeer for the first time. It was truly delish! The tour was such a fun experience, thanks for sharing your experience too!

  • I looove HP! I am geeking out over your pictures for sure… I would love to get there one day!

  • Toyota Smith

    I went yesterday for the first time for my birthday treat from my sister and loved it … didn’t like Butterbeer so much (a man actually laughed out loud at my reaction!)